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Indicators & Switches

Indicators & SwitchesPurolator Facet designs and manufactures an assortment of bypass and differential pressure indicators for all types of aerospace applications. Purolator Microdelta® differential pressure indicators provide visual indication of a filter element's impending or bypass condition. Also available are electrical filter bypass switches, which, when connected to a cockpit warning system, will alert operators of a possible filter bypass condition.

Most indicators and switches are custom designed for specific applications. These devices can be integrally mounted on the filter assembly or installed in another aircraft system component. The options for these devices include:

  • Thermal Lock-Out Devices
  • Surge Protection
  • Reset Prevention
  • Various Mounting and Connection Configurations
  • Explosion-Proof Switches


Transducers For Aerospace Applications

Purolator Facet Inc. can design and manufacture a transducer to fit your exact needs. We have technology that continuously provides a reading for the pressure drop across your filter element as it collects contaminants and begins to clog. In addition, our technology can provide a temperature signal along with the pressure drop signal. Our designs/technology are proven in Aerospace applications and will work for your filter system monitoring needs.