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Poroplate® Backwashable Filter Elements

back-flush/back-pulse cleaning of filter elementsPoroplate® filter laminates consist of multiple layers of precision woven wire mesh filter media. These layers of mesh are metallurgically bonded through a unique and proprietary sintering process. This process combines heat and pressure to permanently bond the layers of mesh together. The commercially pure hydrogen atmosphere of the furnace ensures that the media remains clean and free of any oxidation during the sintering process.

Poroplate® filter media functions as a surface type media. Debris is collected on the outer surface of the filter media and is easily back washed or back pulsed away. Compared to depth media such as sintered metal powder, Poroplate® media offers a significant advantage to the user who incorporates frequent back pulsing or back washing in their normal operations.

backwash filter tubePoroplate® diffusion bonded wire cloth laminate filter elements are designed and manufactured to withstand repeated high pressure back washing at the rated process pressure drop. The surface type filter media characteristic of Poroplate® media allows for repeated cleaning of the element in place, ie., without removal from the filter housing. The number of back flush cycles prior to element removal depends on a number of factors including back wash duration and pressure, flow rate, terminal pressure drop, as well as the physical properties of the contaminant being filtered.

There are several accepted methods of back washing Poroplate® filter elements. The method selected should take into consideration the available plant equipment as well as the fluid being filtered and the nature of the contaminant. Please consult a Purolator Products representative for specific information on your application.

Advantages of back washable filters:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced worker exposure to hazardous process fluids
  • Reduced disposal of hazardous materials
  • Reduction or elimination of outside cleaning of filters
  • Increased filter-on-stream life