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High Temperature Gas Filtration

Available in alloys of 316L SS, Hastelloy® , Inconel® or Carpenter 20Cb3® *

high temp gas filtrationPurolator’s Poroplate® hot gas filters are application engineered and manufactured to optimize your process. By tailoring the filters to meet the specific operating conditions of your systems, we provide filters that tolerate higher temperatures and offer greater throughput. In addition, Poroplate® hot gas filters provide greater back pulse efficiency with no measurable product bleed through. The result: an optimized chemical process system.

Poroplate® Sintered Wire Mesh Filters

Poroplate® filter media are made from multiple layers of woven wire mesh sintered together into a rigid, durable, porous structure. Each wire mesh layer is chosen for a specific engineering purpose: filtration (particle size removal), flow drainage, or strength. Poroplate® filter media are sintered in porous panels which are then formed and welded into strong, self-supporting filter tubes.

Engineered Solutions

For gas applications, we design Poroplate ® elements to be surface-loading filters. In this configuration, the filtration mesh layer is located on the upstream side of the media in the normal flow direction. Drainage and support mesh layers are below. This design provides a filter with very little pressure drop, affording the system operator longer on-stream cycles. As the particles contact the filter, they are retained on the surface of the filter media, not deep in the pores as in ceramic or sintered powder elements. When the elements are back-pulsed or cleaned, the retained particles (filter cake) release easily and the filter element returns to like-new condition. Our rigid multi-layer design withstands constant back pulsing. The sintered media will not tear, thus preventing catalyst or contaminant particles from bypassing downstream.

Hot gas is often processed in environments reaching 900° C with high chlorine gases. Poroplate® filter tubes made in Inconel® alloy have the metallurgical characteristics and mechanical strength to withstand this harsh working environment.


  • Sintered multi-layer wire mesh laminate media
  • Surface filter media
  • All-welded durable construction
  • High porosity media


  • Micron ratings (2, 10, 30, 40, 70, 100, 125)
  • Attachment fittings (threaded, flanged, welded in, etc.)
  • Filter element diameter and length
  • Multiple alloy selections (316LSS, Hastelloy® , Inconel® , Carpenter 20Cb3® , etc.) *


  • Longer element life - no media tearing
  • Greater chemical resistance
  • Lower differential pressure
  • Longer cycle times
  • Higher temperature tolerance
  • Greater back pulse or cleaning efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Greater production rates
* Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Hayes International, Inc. Inconel is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corp. Carpenter 20Cb-3 is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology, Inc.