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Metaledge® Self-Cleaning Filters

Metaledge® Self-Cleaning FiltersWedge shaped stainless steel ribbon with raised projections, wound edgewise on a cylindrical frame, and scraped by a knife edge. The knife edge removes the contaminant from the surface of the element, and is drained periodically from the sump.

Metaledge® filters have been designed to filter the most viscous of fluids. Standard sizes are available from 3/4" NPT to 4" flange connections. 10 different micron ratings are available from 25 to 500 micron. Housing are available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel with stainless steel elements.

How Does Metaledge® Work?

Metaledge diagram

The Metaledge® filter medium consists of a wedge shaped metal ribbon with projections, wound edgewise on a cylindrical frame that is slotted or perforated. Flow is from the outside in. The openings between the wire winding and the degree of filtration are accurately and permanently established by the height of the projections. The wire is preformed to a wedge shape prior to winding to produce a tapered flow path opening inward. Particles larger that the openings between the windings are stopped at the outer surface where they are easily removed by a cleaning knife. The knife is either manually turned by rotating a handle, turning the knife around the element; or by a motor which rotates the element against a stationary knife. The sump may be purged periodically to remove any contaminant.