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Dahl Military Products

Purolator is a leader in the design and manufacture of both quiet and non-quiet air, water, fuel oil and manifolds for the use in naval ship applications. For over 35 years, Dahl valves have been operating aboard ships in the US Naval Fleet.

Submarine Applications
637/640, 688, Trident, Seawolf, Virginia and SSGN classes

Surface Ship Applications
fuel oil valves in accordance with mil-v-24568 on various classes of surface ships


  • Qualified engineering design staff in fluid dynamics and acoustics
  • Computer-aided engineering design, modeling and analysis
  • Patented diffusion bonded wire wound quiet element designs
  • Hydrostatic, leakage and flow testing
  • Valve acoustic testing - structureborne and airborne evaluation

Quality Control

Purolator offers its first class services to customers that require strict process control for aerospace, military or other customer requirements. Some of our capabilities include: