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breathersPurolator offers a full line of hydraulic reservoir breathers and filler breathers. These products filter the air which breathes into and out of the reservoir, helping to maintain hydraulic fluid purity. For detailed information, request bulletin #FB-5/01-2K.

BRF Series Reservoir Filler Breathers. Chrome plated steel cap with plastic or steel basket. Self-tapping screws mount filler breather to reservoir. Options include dip stick, locking tabs and basket length. 3.25" diameter. Basket lengths from 3" to 8". Available in 10 and 40 micron filtration.

BM Series Metal Breathers. Zinc plated steel cap. Plastic filter element, 10 or 40 microns. 1.37" to 2.56" diameter. 1/8" to 3/4" NPT threads.

BP Series Plastic Breathers. Impact resistant Delrin® construction. Plastic filter element, 10 or 40 microns. 1.52" to 2.59" diameter. 1/4" to 3/4" NPT threads. Corrosion resistant.

BA Series Breather Adapters. Threaded stud allows the use of spin-on filter as reservoir breather. Steel construction. 1/2", 3/4" and 1 1/4" NPT threads connect to Purolator 20 and 40 Series spin-on filters.

Historical Bendix / Facet Breathers

Purolator Facet, Inc. continues to build several breathers that were formerly manufactured under the Bendix, Facet or Purolator brand names. These breathers were supplied to mobile equipment OEM's for use on hydraulic reservoirs. Although no longer in production, these breather caps are ordered to service older vehicles in the field.

Detailed information about these breathers: Download (PDF; 293 KB)
Historical breather cross-reference: Download (PDF; 42 KB)