Reservoir Elements

reservoir elementsSeries AN6236

Purolator Facet micronic reservoir elements, utilizing 10 micron Micropleat® media, have higher efficiency and greater filtering area than any competitive product in this classification. This higher quality, lower weight, plus careful inspection and packaging, assures the user of maximum protection for hydraulc cylinders, pumps, valves or other closely fitted parts.

The large surface area provided by the design of this group of elements ensures both high flow rate and maximum contaminant capacity with a minium pressure loss. For best results, the flow through the element should be directed from the outside to the inside. This element group follows a modular design pattern with the three sizes having the same diameter (see drawing and table below). Two or more of equal or mixed sizes in a single housing are frequently used to provide greater flow rates.


reservoir elements diagram Operating Temperature: -65° F to +275° F
Element Collapse: 75 PSID min.
Filtration: 10 Micrometres
Rated Flow: 7 1/2, 15 and 30 gpm
(MIL-H-5606 @ 100° F with 2.5 in Hg pressure drop)

Media: Micropleat® elements (resin impregnated cellulose)

Size No. In accordance with Dimension A
1 AN-6236-1 1-31/32"
2 AN-6236-2 4"
3 AN-6236-3 8-1/16"


Media Micron Rating Purolator Facet Part #
Micropleat® 10 Size Element Part #
1 572617
2 572620
3 572616

reservoir elements flow rate data