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Filter Septa for Power Generation

power generationPurolator provides stainless steel
(Poroplate®) septa for:

  • Top tubesheet (DeLaval, Croll-Reynolds, US Filter designs)
  • Bottom tubesheet (Graver designs)
  • Custom designs

Benefits & Features

  • Precise Porosity (2 – 200 micron)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Elimination of resin leakage
  • High strength and excellent resistance to corrosion and fatigue
  • Longer cycles between cleanings
  • Collapse strengths over 400 PSISD
  • Over 5,000 alternating fatigue cycles
  • Low carbon 316L stainless steel construction
  • Excellent resin precoatability and retention
  • Lower operating costs
  • Septa can be provided individually or fully assembled in tube bundles
  • Halide free manufacturing

monolithic construction diagram

Application-Engineered to Optimize Your System

Porplate® Filter Septa
Purolator Poroplate® septa are application engineered and manufactured to optimize your F/D systems. They are tailored to the specific operating conditions and requirements of your systems. These septa will extend run times, maximize the use of ion exchange resins, increase Precoat uniformity, and improve backwash efficiency, with no measurable resin bleed-through. Poroplate® septa precoat uniformly, without the need for a cellulose precoat. By increasing the run time between backwashing, and decreasing the requirement for cellulose precoating, the radwaste volume is reduced. The result - an optimized F/D system.

Pleated Polypropylene Septa
Purolator-designed polypropylene pleated septa are used in either precoat or non-precoat applications. These septa are used primarily for iron removal with or without thin overlay precoats. Filtration ratings for pleated polypropylene tube bundle assemblies and septa are commonly from 2 microns to 20 microns. The pleated design is made to fit in top and bottom tubesheet vessels and as with other septa designs, is available in a complete tube bundle assembly to enhance installation and reduce exposure (for nuclear plants).

Engineering Solutions
The exclusive mechanical and metallurgical engineering capabilities of the Purolator Power Generation Group involve applying the latest CAD solid modeling and drafting programs. These, and dedicated filter septa test equipment, are used to custom-design and manufacture septa, meeting the filtration and strength requirements of the nuclear power generation industry. The Purolator dedicated septa test equipment allows testing of full length septa, including visual examination of precoat and backwash performance under the actual operating parameters of your plant. These capabilities, coupled with Purolator's excellent QA/QC program and manufacturing capability, provide you with septa designed to optimize your system's performance. For either new installations or direct replacement retrofitting of Graver, DeLaval or Croll Reynolds septa, the Purolator Power Generation Group is your resource for flexible, application-matched filtration solutions.

bundle assemblyTube Bundle Assemblies
Septa are commonly provided in complete tube bundle assemblies. This enhances the installation and removal of septa from the filter demineralizer to reduce installation cost and associated soft labor charges. In nuclear plants, the associated savings as a result of reduced radiation exposure is dramatic. Standard designs are available for top and bottom tubesheet assemblies.

Monolithic Construction
A key component of Poroplate® septa is a diffusion-bonded, stainless steel wire-cloth and perforated-plate laminate. Poroplate® septa are available in a variety of filtration ratings, all providing low differential pressures and high collapse strength. Poroplate® media are readily constructed in cylindrical tubes, or custom fabrications for Funda-type retrofits or resin traps. The high strength and corrosion resistance of Poroplate® septa provide for enhanced precoating, aggressive backwashing and extended service life.

Nuclear Service Applications

Reactor Water Clean-Up (RWCU)
Purolator Poroplate® diffusion-bonded wire mesh filter septa provide a strong, durable support for enhanced resin precoating/flow distribution and efficient, aggressive backwashing. The monolithic design and stainless steel construction of the Poroplate® filter septa allow use of "all resin" precoats without detectable resin leakage. This leads to extended run times, higher decontamination factors, reduced spent resin disposal volumes and lower operating costs.

Liquid Radwaste Filter Demineralizers (F/D)
Poroplate® filter septa optimize F/D performance. Application-engineered to site-specific solids/crud loading levels, Poroplate® septa extend run times in floor and equipment drain installations. Fit for severe service, Poroplate® septa design, materials and manufacturing provide the structural integrity required for repeated, high-pressure backwashing. The Poroplate® medium is also a field-proven retrofit for Funda-type spinning disc filters.

Condensate Filter Demineralizers (F/D)
In condensate filter and polishing systems, Purolator Poroplate® stainless steel diffusion-bonded filter septa withstand high-temperature (135° F+) environments, which are inappropriate for polypropylene materials. Designed to decrease disposal costs, Poroplate® filter septa provide economical, long life in these relatively high flow-rate applications.

Fuel Pool Clean-Up Filter Demineralizers (FPCU F/D)
Purolator engineering and design flexibility provide application-matched Poroplate® septa for dual use in fuel pool and radwaste services, if required. Poroplate® septa maintain adequate water quality to minimize spent fuel rod contamination and radiation exposure to the operators.